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The remodeling process includes all the up-front work that is required to prepare for the actual construction of your project. It also includes the management of the construction in your home.


Having the right up-front processes in place and having all the right systems in place to manage your construction are almost pre-requisites to getting the finished product right. If they are not in place, the chances for a good finished product are simply pretty slim. In fact, this is where most remodeling contractors fall short. Just ask someone who has gone through a bad remodeling experience. Usually, it is not the men in the field who have created the heartache for the homeowner. More often it is the result of poor planning, poor choices of product, and poor oversight on the construction site.

We understand all this at Page Brothers, and that is why we strive to provide you with the very best service in regard to the entire process of remodeling. Our service starts with the idea of combining both design and construction under one umbrella. This joining of design and construction is commonly called design/build.


The design/build process offers several advantages to you over a more traditional method of separating the design phase from the construction phase. It provides you with one-stop shopping and accountability. It provides customized, professional design that adds value to your home. At the same time, it provides cost-effective and practical construction, since the designer designs with the builder in mind. So, it provides a cohesiveness between the design and the construction.


The design/build process actually compresses the time from initial concept to job completion. And the design is achieved more economically in this process as versus the more traditional method of separating the design phase from the construction phase. The design/build process also provides a number of go or no-go stages. By doing this, it offers you a chance to develop a solid working relationship with the designer/builder before signing the construction agreement.


Page Brothers is not the only company to offer design/build services, of course. But we set ourselves apart from the rest in several ways:


  • With us, the designer is the builder. Literally. The person who initially meets with you at your home will listen as you describe the features you want in your remodeling project. That same person will design the solution to meet those needs. Then, that same person will oversee the construction of your project. In fact, he will stop at your home every day during construction. This hands-on attention to your project by the designer/builder eliminates the communication loopholes and problems that plague so many remodeling companies. It also assures your project is built to the specifications of the design.

  • With us, the designer goes along with you to the various local suppliers to help you in the selection of such items as cabinets, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, electric fixtures, tile and flooring. Our clients usually love the fact that they have an experienced person along to guide them in choosing what finishes and textures and colors might go together best to fit the particular look they are trying to achieve.

  • With us, you will get a week-by-week schedule for the completion of your project before construction starts. Most of our clients put this schedule on their refrigerator as a reminder to them (and to us) of how the project should progress. And all of our clients are happy as we meet that schedule. We can offer such a schedule because we know what it takes to complete your project, and because we do most of the work with our own staff.

  • With us, you will have the same lead carpenter on your job every day, from start to finish. The number of assistant carpenters and the particular assistant carpenters may change from day to day, but that single lead carpenter will remain on your job. In fact, your job is the only one he is responsible for, until it is completed.

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