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The finished product - the new, completed kitchen in your home, for instance - is the end goal of the remodeling process. It is the realization of that image you had in your mind's eye when you first considered making a change to your home.

The quality of the finished product in your home depends a great deal upon the up-front processes and design that went into the your project. Frankly, unless that up-front part is done with excellence, the carpenter in your home has little or no chance of providing you with a quality project in the end.

Page Brothers does indeed provide a level of excellence in the up-front processes and design. So, our carpenters have a solid basis to work from as they provide the hands-on skills and expertise to bring the design to fruition.

Still, the quality of the finished product we provide is largely due to the craftsmanship and skill of our lead carpenters. These men have years of experience in remodeling, and they have years of experience with us. They are in this business because they love it. They take pride in their work, and they are good at it. They are constantly reading the latest trade journals, training and improving on their skills. They care about your home. They are responsible and honest. On top of all that, they are generally good and happy folks.

After all the up-front design and planning is done, the quality of your finished product is largely in the hands of these men. We are very particular in who we place in these positions, and we have very little turnover in our personnel. So we are able to provide consistent, quality craftsmanship to every one of our clients.

The few trades we have done by subcontractors are done with the same level of craftsmanship as we provide through our own carpenters. We have long, established relationships with a handful of tradesmen in the area. When needed, we use the same tradesmen on all our jobs. We use them because they have demonstrated to us over time that they have the same level of commitment to providing you with a quality job as we do.

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