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We can appreciate that you are wondering about several aspects of your remodeling project. By just scrolling down a bit further on this page you will find we have addressed many of the questions that you would like to ask. Now you will have immediate answers, as that is the hallmark of our service to you.



How long does it take to.....?
Some rough guidelines as to how long different remodeling projects take are given below. Realize that these are guidelines only. Your project may take more or less time, depending on the scope of work.

Bath remodel:  3-4 weeks
Kitchen remodel:  4-6 weeks
Basement remodel:  3-6 weeks
    - including a new bath or kitchenette:  add 2-3 weeks
    - a one room addition at grade:  4-8 weeks
    - a kitchen or bath addition:  8-10 weeks


How much does it cost to.... 
It is very difficult to give meaningful, general estimates on different types of remodeling. Every job is unique, and the scope of work to remodel your bath will likely be different than the scope of work to remodel your neighbor's bath, for instance. Having said this, Remodeling Magazine offers a Cost vs. Value report on various remodeling projects in each area of the U.S. You can reach that information at remodeling magazine.

Once the work starts, will you show up every day? 
Yes - with a caveat. Once we start a job, we will be there every day until it is completed, unless the project's schedule dictates that we have some down time. For instance sometimes a kitchen remodel has down time, depending on the type of countertop you pick. If you choose a granite or quartz top, there may be 10-14 business days between measuring for the top and installing the top. Depending on what else is involved in your kitchen remodel, we may be absent from the job site for a portion of that time. Except for circumstances such as this, however, we will be at your job every day once we start.

What is a typical payment schedule?
Generally, we ask for about 5% of the construction price for the design and another 5% when the contract is signed. Then, depending on the job, we usually have 3-5 draws. Some typical draws are at the start of work, at the start of framing, at the start of drywall, at the start of cabinet installation, and at the start of flooring or tile. Each of these draws are 15% - 30% of the construction price. Then the final payment is due upon completion of the job, and it is usually about 5% of the price.

How much do you typically ask for as down payment? 
About 5% of the contract price.

Do you have a warranty? What is it? 
Yes, we offer a two year warranty on work. This warranty covers both material and installation, and is given upon receipt of the final payment for construction.

Can I do some of the work myself? 
Generally, we like to do all the work from tearout right to finish painting and flooring. But, if the situation is right, we will work to an agreed upon point, and then you can finish the project. We will not start work, have you do a portion in the middle, and then finish the project over your work. We will complete a project to finished drywall, for instance, and then you can do the trim and flooring and painting.

Can I supply some of the material? 
On a limited basis, we will work with clients who want to supply some of the materials. These materials are limited to such things as kitchen appliances and perhaps some unusual light fixtures or plumbing fixtures. But we will not extend our warranty to any item you supply - even the installation of that item will not be covered by our warranty.


Do you have insurance? 
Yes, we have liability coverage of $2,000,000 with a limit of $1,000,000 for a single occurrence. We also have Workman's Compensation coverage for all our employees. And any independent trade contractor who works on your job as a part of our agreement with you, will have liability and Workman's Compensation coverage as well.

Are you registered? 
Yes, we are registered in the state of Pennsylvania as a Home Improvement Contractor. Our registration number is PA008429. All home improvement contractors who work in the state of Pennsylvania are required to be registered, as of July 1, 2009.

Are you licensed and bonded? 
No. In Pennsylvania, a home improvement contractor must be registered with the state. We are. But there is no licensing mechanism in place for home improvement contractors in the state of Pennsylvania at this time. Likewise, there is no requirement for a home improvement contractor to be bonded in this state.

Do any of your people smoke? 
No, none of our employees smoke. Most of our trade contractors do not smoke, either. Should one of our trade contractors smoke, it is our standard policy that no one may smoke in a client's home. So, anyone who smokes must smoke outside. And anyone who smokes must dispose of their cigarette butts in a proper fashion - which means those cigarette butts will not wind up in your yard.

What time do you start in the morning? 
We typically start our days at 7:30 in the morning. If we have to pick up material, we may arrive at your house as late as 8:00 or 8:30.

What time do you end? 
We usually end our days at 4:00 PM. Should there be something that needs completed on any given day, we will stay and complete that particular task. So, we may work until 5:00 or 5:30 on those days.

Do you work on weekends? 

How far will you travel for work? 
We will generally stay within a 25 mile radius of Mechanicsburg. The reason we limit the range that we are willing to travel is because the person who oversees the construction visits each job site each day. We cannot offer such oversight without limiting the distance we travel from Mechanicsburg.

Do you give free estimates? 
Yes and no. We use the Design/Build method as we work with clients (please see the Remolding Process section of the web site). We offer a preliminary budget range at no charge. But to reach a final construction price and scope of work, we ask for 5% of the upper end of the budget range.

Do you subcontract any work? If so, how much? 
Generally, we do most of our work with our own employees. Depending on the size of the job and the work we have in hand, we sometimes use trade contractors for portions of any heating, plumbing or electric work that may be included n your project. We also use trade contractors for such things as carpet and vinyl floor installation, countertop fabrication and installation, and excavation and foundation work. We have long, established relationships with a handful of trade contractors in these various areas of expertise. We use these same trade contractors on all of our projects as required, and they all know and understand our commitment to providing top quality service to our clients.

How do you handle changes once the work has started?
Even with all the up-front effort prior to the start of construction, occasionally changes to the scope of work are made after work starts. Usually, this is in the form of homeowners wanting additional work rather than an actual change to the original construction agreement. Whatever the reason for the change, we consider the change as a new request for work. We will determine a price for that change, and write up a scope of work in the form of a Change Order. The Change Order must be signed prior to us doing any part of the work for that change.


The process to determine the scope of work and the price for the change usually proceeds very quickly. Once again, we have very few actual changes to the original construction agreements. More often, the change is some additional work a homeowner might seek as they see how pleased they are with our work.

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